Paleo Red, White and Blue Slaw Salad

Paleo Red, White and Blue Slaw Salad

Red, white and blue salad. Spinach a Berry Salad, Perfect 4th of July Recipe! This clean-eating, paleo coleslaw is made with homemade mayo, a mixture of delicious and colorful vegetables and a pop of pineapple for sweetness!   You guys. This watermelon salad is packed with the perfect warm weather flavors! What’s red, white, and blue and paleo too? Explore Paleo red, white and blue foods this Independence Day. This vegetable slaw recipe will inspire you to expand the options at your summer celebration.

OK so my tarts came out a little more like pink, white and purplish than red, white and blue. but you get the point! These are a nice treat to serve for a party or to keep in the freezer when you want a fruity coconut treat. A paleo friendly recipe for coleslaw made with a vinegar, olive oil and raw honey dressing. Salads make up a pretty regular part of the Paleo diet plan because you’ll want to balance out all of the meat you’re eating with a good portion of veggies at each meal. Here it’s the use of both white wine vinegar and red wine vinegar in what would otherwise be a simple balsamic vinaigrette. Publix had extra virgin olive oil BOGO and since i like Blue Cheese dressing the best, I got a 9 0z tub of Gorgonzola and another of Blue Cheese.

Use the shredding blade in your food processor or a grate to grate broccoli, carrots and red cabbage. It is Red, White and Blue time. Our Paleo Creamy Coleslaw, A Sweet Vinegar-based Slaw, is made with dairy-free and grain-free ingredients. By Paleo Red White & Blue Fruit Pizza, A treat for a 4th of July Picnic July 4, 2012 at 10: 00 am.