Paleo Thanksgiving No-Turkey Turkey

Paleo Thanksgiving No-Turkey Turkey

The little twist in this roast turkey recipe is in the use of dried wild mushrooms to create a delicious flavored butter that will help cook the turkey and also be an integral part of the final sauce to serve with the bird. The sauce is created with the cooking juice so it’s very simple to prepare without even thinking about it. Reserved turkey neck and giblets (from above) 8 cups (canned low-sodium organic or homemade) chicken broth 1 onion, quartered 2 bay leaves 3 TBSP tapioca starch 3 TBSP water.

What’s a turkey without it’s fixings? A compilation of 5 BEST paleo side dishes out there on the internet.

Paleo Thanksgiving would be nothing without a big bird! Not the big yellow guy, I’m talking Turkey. But not just any turkey: bacon wrapped turkey! Getting the turkey right is the key to a successful Thanksgiving dinner. It’s all about spending time with friends and family, but that’s no reason to eat a bunch of food your body can’t process.