Paleo Hearty Cabbage-Rutabaga Slow Cooker Soup

Paleo Hearty Cabbage-Rutabaga Slow Cooker Soup

Cabbage, rutabaga, and orzo pasta make a comforting vegetarian soup that is perfect for a weekday meal. Just toss everything in a slow cooker and by the time you get home, dinner is ready. Potato soup, gazpacho, butternut squash soupfind the best recipes for all your favorite vegetable soups. (2). Hearty Cabbage-Rutabaga Slow Cooker Soup.

Hearty slow cooker soup recipe full of butternut squash, Italian sausage, spinach and small pasta. Paleo Cauliflower. Hearty Cabbage-Rutabaga Slow Cooker Soup Recipe – Allrecipes. With rutabaga, you get a lot of the same nutrients you get from cauliflower, including sulfur. Cream of Cabbage Paleo Soup. In honor of the slow-cooker, here’s yet another recipe for it: a creamy, savory soup full of sweet potatoes, velvety…. Here’s a meal with all the convenience of a stir-fry, but re-imagined as a hearty slow-cooker soup for extra comfort-food…. Winter vegetables tend to look grumpy and uninviting: a wrinkly head of cabbage and a big lumpy rutabaga just don’t….

This thick, hearty Paleo Lamb Stew is full of tasty spices and nutritious vegetables. It is an easy crock-pot recipe, full of protein, vitamins and minerals. The carrots, onion, mushrooms, rutabagas and spices in this Paleo Lamb Stew are great sources of vitamins A, C, K, beta-carotene, potassium, manganese and fiber. It’s a snap to turn traditional cabbage soup into a hearty entre with this simple paleo recipe that adds your favorite sausage to the mix. Slow Cooker Paleo Beef Stew.