Paleo Brined Thanksgiving Turkey

Paleo Brined Thanksgiving Turkey

I first started brining my chicken back when I got my hands on Mel Joulwan’s ahhhhmazing book Well Fed.

About What is Paleo? First up is the recipe for my favorite Turkey Brine and Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey. It is my favorite way to prepare my Thanksgiving turkey because any moisture loss while roasting still produces a juicy and flavorful turkey. If you’ve never tried dry brining a turkey, give it a shot this year! Juicy, flavorful, hard to screw up. we highly suggest it!

If you happen to be on a Whole30 during Thanksgiving (or whenever you’ll be eating this turkey) , leave the honey out of the brine. It will taste different but still great! This paleo thanksgiving turkey is extra moist thanks to the brine I soaked it in over-night and dampened light cloth i put over it while baking.