Paleo Gluten-Free Breading and Gravy Mix

Paleo Gluten-Free Breading and Gravy Mix

This gluten-free gravy is part of a larger recipe that has you making a brined turkey, and they walk you through all of the steps. Primal Biscuits and Gravy This biscuits and gravy recipe is sure to satisfy your craving for biscuits and gravy without breaking any Paleo rules. This recipe is for a homemade gluten-free replacement for all-purpose flour you can make in large batches and store for future use.

This paleo chicken fried steak tastes even better than the gluten-ific real thing. Of course, grains are out, so clearly the copycat recipe linked above was not much help. While the breading is nut free and I didn’t include any nightshades in the seasoning, it does rely on eggs to bind it, making it a no-go for strict AIP. Full of flavor and just as good as the store bought gravy-mixes. We will be buying more poultry just to have this!

Sauce recipe and tips for a perfect foolproof lump-free sauce, Besciamella is a really simple and versatile sauce! This delicious savory Paleo gravy mix will leave your tastebuds satisfied for any occasion! Simply add coconut oil, chicken or vegetable broth, & canned coconut milk or heavy cream over the stovetop. Our Grainless Bread crumbs are great for breading, frying, and adding as you would with any bread crumbs to a recipe. Cubed steak that is breaded with grain free breading, seasonings and pan fried in avocado oil. I also included a grain free low carb mushroom gravy recipe.