Paleo White Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Paleo White Chocolate Strawberry Cake

If you are feeling the Valentine’s Day sharing and caring love, we highly recommend our White Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake Balls. We’ve repurposed our brown velvet cupcake again, this time to make White Chocolate Strawberry Velvet Cake Balls! Super rich and delicious treat! Let’s start with a basic chocolate cake that you can bake up whenever you get that chocolate craving, and only cake will do. This Paleo cake recipe shows off just how versatile cake can be, and introduces a few ingredients that you probably haven’t had before starting Paleo. You should get rid of that big bag of white flour you may have from before starting Paleo.

Gluten-free deserts + dark-, milk-, white chocolate, nutella, s’mores Treats au chocolat. P A L E O / C L E A N. Alisha Cary.

Stay tuned for my White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting recipe, which I’ll be sharing next week. Valentine’s Day Special: Paleo Double Chocolate Strawberry Cake?


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