Paleo Vietnamese Caramelized Pork

Paleo Vietnamese Caramelized Pork

Thit kho (Vietnamese Caramelized Braised Pork Belly and Eggs) was a staple in our household growing up and just like our ca kho to (catfish in clay pot) and ga kho (caramelized chicken) , each household has their own family recipe. This paleo version hits all the right notes without refined sugar, legumes, or actual vermicelli-the noodles are spaghetti squash instead! I’m not always a fan of swapping spaghetti squash for regular noodles, but it really works in this dish. Marinated in fish sauce and shallots, and coated with a golden caramel sauce, this Vietnamese pork belly is simmered until tender.

Vietnamese Caramelized Pork Meatball Vermicelli Bowls (gluten free, paleo). March 6, 2015 Featured Bloggers. Like this post? Please share! Pin on Pinterest. Vietnamese Caramelised Pork & Egg Rice Paper Rolls.


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