Paleo Vietnamese Beef And Lettuce Curry

Paleo Vietnamese Beef And Lettuce Curry

A delicious mild curry to serve with steamed or boiled rice that’s relatively simple to prepare. The use of lettuce in cooked meals is also an interesting novelty for Western tastes used to having it only in salads and buffet dishes. This beef curry is a version of a childhood memory of one of Rick Stein’s mum’s curries. The curry is finished with sultanas and desiccated coconut.

Vietnamese Beef And Lettuce Curry. Smart Cheater’s Beef Massaman Curry. Lacto vegetarian; Ovo vegetarian; Paleo; Pescetarian; Vegan; Vegetarian; None of these. For Paleo folks there are homemade Thai Curry Paste recipes out there. The Wren and Rabbit; Vietnamese Pork Meatballs in Lettuce Cups Girl Cooks World. Indian ground beef curry (My Heart Beets). Vietnamese Beef Meatballs (Three Beans on a String) ; Asian Ground Beef and Veggie Lettuce Wraps (Paleo Plan).

Ground Beef And Cabbage Skillet No time to make cabbage rolls? Also add a few bay leaves, 2 tsp Chinese 5-spice powder, and 2 tsp Ca Ri Ni An Do (Vietnamese Indian Madras Curry Powder). Add in one large chopped onion.


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