Paleo Victoria Sponge Cake

Paleo Victoria Sponge Cake

This sponge cake is made with items that will move you forward, not hold you back, and the natural flavor and goodness of the strawberries is able to shine through. I’m on a mission to create a Simple Coconut Flour Cake that is not dense or too eggy. Is it possible with coconut flour? Yes, it is!

These adorable little tea cakes are my paleo version of a Victorian sponge cake which is traditionally served at an afternoon tea party. I cranked up some Bowie and started baking! The bars turned out fabulous, but much more cake-like that I expected, with a soft, moist, light crumb texture (it reminded me of a cross between fluffy yellow cake and tender, buttery bundt cake) and a thought occurred to me: I could totally tweak this batter into a number of amazing cakes! So, of course I HAD to make a few cakes to test out my hypothesis (all in the name of culinary science, right? ) I made a blueberry breakfast cake and a vanilla cake to use for strawberry shortcake. This sounds the best paleo cake recipe I have found. It tends to also have a more sponge cake type texture on its own) If his friends are only allergic to almonds but not other nuts, some alternatives would be hazelnut or chestnut flour, which would both be yummy in a bundt cake. Maybe one of the hardest things of eating paleo is not being able to eat bread so here’s my first attempt at glutenfree baking. I understand I shouldn’t be baking those cake or eating that pasta daily or weekly but I’m just wondering, in general, how that would work.

As a child, Sunday tea would always consist of my grandmother’s Victoria sponge. Every week as the family dived in, the delicious freshly baked cake would be demolished, and my grandfather, enjoying his ritual Sunday afternoon nap, would miss out. This is the best grain free cake I’ve ever made! It wildly exceeded my expectations The texture is really great- tender and moist but not heavy. I.


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