Paleo Very Berry Cheesecake

Paleo Very Berry Cheesecake

A paleo cheesecake with a delicious almond crust and a creamy filling topped with a blackberry compote. Boooooo! The truth is that I drank about a gallon of water before going to the grocery store. Which in retrospect was not very smart of me. And about halfway through the store I was pretty sure I was going to wet my pants if I didn’t hurry the heck up. This dairy-free, gluten-free, raw strawberry cheesecake is an incredibly luscious treat. Paleo cheesecake is actually very easy to make. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? This raw raspberry cheesecake is so delicious, and good for you as well. There is no dairy.

The best paleo blueberry cheesecake recipe! Grainfree, glutenfree, sugarfree, dairyfree & delish! Find hundreds of quick & easy paleo sweet treat recipes! It’s very high in fructose, which is toxic. Reply. Gabby says:

We were very happy with how this creation turned out. Place the jars of coconut oil, coconut concentrate and raw honey in a pan with very hot water in order to let them soften.


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