Paleo Vegetarian Moussaka

Paleo Vegetarian Moussaka

Vegetarian Moussaka. April 1, 2012 | 37 Non-Paleo Vegetarian. I decided that I would have the next best thing, instead, a vegetarian moussaka. I’m not even quite sure now that it still qualifies at the next best thing, anymore. Paleo Moussaka – Layers of baked eggplant and tasty meat sauce topped with an awesome cauliflower bechamel sauce.

Inspired by Greek Moussaka, the flavors in this casserole of layered eggplant and ground meat might sound a little unusual, but it’s a mild dish that’s likely to appeal to everyone at the table. I’m Greek, and I have a Paleo/Primal recipe of moussaka too on my blog, based on the original Greek recipe. The exotic root vegetable mix is also good. Paleo version of the authentic Greek moussaka recipe. Substitutes potatoes for zucchini and it’s gluten-free.

Please note: this version of the dish is very much vegetable heavy. If you wish to make it a bit more meaty, add more mince and reduce vegetable layers. Stella Metsovas makes her tasty low carbohydrate Paleo Moussaka recipe. Rich in fiber and protein; easy to make. Enjoy! Our recipe for vegetarian moussaka takes delicious sweet potato & a Paleo friendly white sauce & adds a rich Mediterranean vegetable ragu.


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