Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup II

Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup II

This Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup is easy to make and totally delicious! If you miss vegetable soup with rice, you’ll love this Paleo version with cauliflower and lots of tender winter vegetables.

Add cabbage, canned tomatoes with liquid, and broth. Cook, stirring, for 2 minutes. Add thyme, bay leaves, and salt and pepper to taste. I need to help heal my body and I am convinced that Paleo is the ticket. A soup of ground beef and stewed tomatoes simmered with onions, carrots, potatoes and celery in beef bouillon seasoned with thyme, bay leaf, and basil.

Vegetables Beef Soups, Food Preserves, Paleo Recipes, Vegetable Beef Soups. Beef stew can become one of your go-to staples on Paleo because it’s easy to make, and even traditional recipes only have a few ingredients that you need to steer clear of. 2. Hearty Grass-fed Beef and Vegetable Stew Recipe It’s important to keep in mind the ratio of meats to vegetables when eating Paleo, and a beef stew is the perfect canvas to make sure that you’ve got both of them in pretty equal parts. 2 Comments on Beef Shank Vegetable Soup (AIP, Paleo). A few weeks ago I was looking for beef soup bones. But, alas, the soup bone gods were not on my side that day because the two places to which I go for humanely raised grass-fed beef were completely out, but one of them had a big beautiful meaty shank to which I happily said, ….


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