Paleo Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies

Paleo Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies

Ooooooh! Even better add some peanut butter chips for the ultimate chocolate peanut butter combination. Ultimate Paleo Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have my second cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen, in my hands! If you thought going caveman on the Paleo diet meant giving up modern day deliciousness like chocolate chip cookies, think again! You can enjoy these classic staples of Americana, just take a pass on the milk when it comes to cookies and milk.

Ultimate Double Chocolate Chip Paleo Cookies. If you are on a paleo diet then these cookies are the perfect paleo dessert for you. This is the best recipe for paleo cookies ever. The cherry on top is that these Ultimate Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies do not taste diet-like at all. At. All. Yeppretty wicked. Wicked good!

Looking for the best Paleo chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever taste? Look no further than this recipe! I recently came across this recipe for Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies on Running To The Kitchen. I was so impressed that I wanted to share it with you because these cookies are definitely going on my “staple cookie” list to be made time and time again. Gluten-free Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies. THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES IVE EVER MADE. Ultimate Paleo Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.


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