Paleo Turkey Meatloaf with Kale and Tomatoes

Paleo Turkey Meatloaf with Kale and Tomatoes

I made this zesty little paleo turkey meatloaf last night for dinner. I’ve never been a big meatloaf person, just because they’re all pretty much a hunk of meat on a plate – kinda boring…. For more delicious and easy recipes, visit us at PaleoNewbie. com. She’s using organic ground turkey, so it is not going to be stuffed with all of the growth hormones given to conventionally raised turkeys to artificially pump them up to have larger breasts. I’m not out to win an award for the most gourmet Paleo chef out there… I want to feed myself and my little loves with the highest quality meals I can throw together while juggling my daughter’s math homework and my toddler’s temper tantrums.

I had no idea that there were so many Paleo meatloaf recipes using ground turkey as the main meat! Here are the top 8 (and there’s a really innovative chicken recipe and a flavorful lamb one at the bottom too). This primal meatloaf uses either Paleo Ketchup, No-Tomato Ketchup, your favorite ketchup, or tomato sauce. I’ve bookmarked your site & plan on making many of your recipes!

Making my own adjustments to Paleo Newbie’s Zesty Meatloaf, I decided to give this dish a shot and was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for reading, I hope you’re enjoying these delicious Paleo/GF recipes! Ever since I found her site and saw her meatloaf recipe I knew I had to try it. I’m not familiar with it, but will enjoy exploring it for new info and recipes. We used a combo of ground bison and turkey thigh and did not use the egg yolks. Slow Cooker Paleo Meatloaf Recipe: Ground Beef or Turkey Veggie.


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