Paleo Turkey Dressing Bread

Paleo Turkey Dressing Bread

I have also made this stuffing recipe using Elana’s Pantry’s Paleo Bread, so if you’d like, you can sub that loaf instead. I am trying to make all of my Thanksgiving recipes early so I can have them up for you in time to go grocery shopping before Thursday! Some people call this dressing but I’ve never used that term. Most of the time dressing (i. e. stuffing) is served for Thanksgiving and made with bread, as a base. Some prefer to keep it straightforward, with bread and herbs, butter and broth. Sensational stuffing: 5 easy new recipes for this essential Thanksgiving side. But if you’re on a paleo, gluten-free or a vegan diet or you don’t have oven space and want to use your slow cooker — or if you just want to mix things up — try one of the other stellar recipes here.

Turkey stuffing is traditional at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many dressing recipes are made with wheat, corn bread or rice. The Paleo diet does not allow wheat, rice or corn. This Paleo Rosemary and Sage Bread Stuffing recipe was created by Brittany Angell and can be found on her site brittanyangell. I, too, used this recipe for our Thanksgiving dressing (can you tell I’m southern? ) , and it worked beautifully! Eggs are truly a wonderful food and give a familiar spongey-ness to the bread. Most of the dishes traditionally served are naturally Paleo with a few easy modifications. The big culprits to watch out for? Bread, stuffing, mashed potatoes (maybe) and desserts.

Stuffing has always been my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal. I’ve been known to skip the bird entirely and fill up on this special side instead. Lose the Bread, but Keep the Sausage: Paleo Stuffing. Low Carb Thanksgiving: Stuffing (Gluten Free and Paleo). November 19, 2012 By Karen Sorenson. (or Dressing). 1 Loaf of Paleo/Low Carb Bread (I used this recipe).


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