Paleo Turkey Avocado Panini

Paleo Turkey Avocado Panini

This Paleo Turkey Club Sandwich uses my own gluten-free nutty sandwich bread, organic avocados and Dijon mustard. We truly enjoyed this simple paleo friendly sandwich. Top with bacon slices (or you can use turkey bacon or if you do not eat meat you could use eggplant bacon).

#diyvideo Turkey Burger Lettuce Wrap With Provolone Cheese Tomato Mayo And Avocado. How To Make A Paleo Avocado Snack easy Paleo Snack Recipe.

Simply wrap a slice of avocado in a piece of low sodium turkey. I didn’t know it could made so easily and have it fall within the Paleo guidelines. Adding turkey and avocado really sends this wrap over the deliciousness edge.


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