Paleo Triple Chocolate Cake Pops

Paleo Triple Chocolate Cake Pops

A simple and amazing chocolate paleo cake pop with vanilla glaze and chocolate ganache. Balls Triple Chocolate Chipotle Cake Truffles. This week’s amazing recipe of Triple Chocolate Chipotle Cake Truffles comes to us from the Fabulous Jenni. Urban Poser tag line to Converting the world to Paleo, one dessert at a time.

This triple chocolate truffle recipe looks amazing! So amazing that I think I need to call you out and say that you did NOT just eat 1/2 a truffle…there is no way: ) Looking forward to when the cookbook comes out! -Christy. I try to have my kids eat Paleo without making them feel like they are the only freaks in the world who don’t get soda or treats. Thank you so much for providing an answer to cake pops! Paleo & Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Donut Holes. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees if using a cake pop mold, or plug in your cake pop maker. Paleo Cake Pops – Providing diet, wellness and nutritional coaching.

These brownie bites are easy to pop, just be sure you don’t overdo it, as eating Paleo is all about stopping when you feel satisfied. These won’t make you triple fat, it refers to the number of fats they’re using to make them. Cake Pops that are Paleo, Gluten Free with no sugar added! This recipe was inspired by PaleOMG’s Triple Chocolate Truffles and changed up just a bit to satisfy my chocolate craving taste buds! No baking required, minimal time commitment and even those who aren’t Paleo are sure to enjoy! I won’t add too much text to this because I’m sure you just want to eat! 264 recipes including Paleo Granola, Double Layer Fudge, and Apple Cinnamon Muffins. Paleo Triple Chocolate Truffles (nut free) PaleOMG – Paleo Recipe. Paleo Triple Chocolate Truffles – I love this lady and her site. I haven’t made these yet, but everything else of her’s I’ve made was awesome. These cake pops are so easy because they start with purchased round doughnut holes. Just attach to sticks, and start having fun decorating. Best Mug Cake (Paleo). Triple Chocolate Cake Pops.


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