Paleo The Best Smoked Salmon Spread

Paleo The Best Smoked Salmon Spread

A nutrient dense salmon dip to go with your crispy homemade sweet potato chips or sweet potato fries. The best part is it is fairly quick to whip up! How To Make Best Smoked Salmon Spread Recipe. Easy and quick Recipe – Healthy Summer Recipe Smoked Salmon Spread.

A wonderful creamy, smoked salmon spread with a hint of dill that is perfect to serve with crackers, toasted bread or even vegetables. Just a few ingredients, and best when refrigerated overnight – take it out before your guests arrive and have fun! You’ll need: – 2 cups of plain Greek yogurt- 1 scallion, finely chopped- 2 tbsp fresh dill, copped- cup smoked salmon, chopped- Juice of a lemon- S + P to taste1. All recipes make enough dip to fill an average-sized soup bowl, depending on size of veggies. Best served with salt-free dippers (of which my secret recipe may be. I stumbled upon the winning combination of smoked salmon and olives by accident the other day when I added my home-brought lox with the sad garden salad served to me during a PD (the only edible part of the provide luncheon, you see. A healthy and creative take on smoked salmon salad, no crackers or bagels required! With anything best-known for topping a bagel, though, there’s always the question of what to put it on.

Make this Crme Frache Smoked Salmon Dip as an appetizer. I ate this smoked salmon dip when I should’ve been eating something v v paleo, but this isn’t all that unhealthy, actually. This is a quick and easy recipe for a hot smoked salmon spread that’s autoimmune protocol friendly, packed with healthy fats and utterly moreish! If you can’t find any locally, there is a smoked salmon recipe in The Paleo Approach Cookbook.


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