Paleo Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake

Paleo Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake

This perfect healthy Texas sheet cake is a recipe you need in your arsenal. All the kids loved it, plus it’s easy and only 50 calories a slice! And of course, no sheet cake is complete without frosting so I changed the frosting to be chocolate frosting! Enjoy! I still use it but chill the cake for a few hours then it hardens and thickens like Texas Sheet cake frosting. This gluten-free vegan chocolate Texas sheet cake is hands down THE BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever had {says a lot coming from a person who eats chocolate. Vegan Paleo Nutella Chocolate Cake Frosting or Spread.

So I’m really happy to finally be sharing this Texas Sheet Cake recipe with you today, because I think it could become a favorite in your house! They are somewhat like chocolate cake brownies. My Mom gave me the recipe and asked me to give them a healthy makeover. Get this tested, easy-to-follow recipe for gluten free Texas sheet cake. Just like you remember!

Half the work of a layer cake, but just as good.


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