Paleo Tangerine Orange Cake

Paleo Tangerine Orange Cake

I call it Elana’s Gluten Free Valencia Orange Cake. Times Bestselling author Elana Amsterdam founded Elana’s Pantry, a go-to website for easy, healthy, grain-free, Paleo recipes, in 2006. Should I use a tangerine size? This moist festive gluten free and dairy free orange cake makes an ideal dessert for holiday celebrations.

Paleo Orange Poke cake is a super delicious, grain free, citrus cake with an orange glaze. I used mandarin or clementine oranges, which are small and keeps the low carb version amazingly low in carbs for an orange cake. These simple Paleo cakes can also be made as cupcakes or muffins.

Part of the reason making this cake seemed like the longest wait ever is that it endlessly fascinated me — I cannot read a recipe that uses a whole citrus fruit, rind and all, and not be curious to try it. ETA: Organic mandarin oranges are in season through December! Find them here with free shipping for a limited time. This cake is lovely in that the orange flavor predominates the coconut flavor. I have added Tangerine oil to the frosting and was blown away by the smell and the enhanced flavour. Incredible. It really was like orange caramel goodness.


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