Paleo Sweet Potato Potato Salad

Paleo Sweet Potato Potato Salad

A simple paleo sweet potato salad recipe that’s easy to prepare and includes flavors as varied as eggs, bacon and apples. Bring this Paleo Sweet Potato Salad to your next BBQ or whip up a batch for a tasty summer side dish. A fresh, naturally sweet take on potato salad: try this simple and versatile recipe for any meal when cooking isn’t convenient.

If sweet potatoes are getting a little repetitive, why not jazz them up with spicy chipotle mayo? A super tasty (paleo) sweet potato salad that is perfect for potlucks, BBQs or being a fancy pants on a boring Wednesday.

This paleo sweet potato salad is mixed with creamy avocado pesto, bacon and eggs for a healthy side dish that is so easy and always a crowd pleaser! This Spicy-Sweet Potato Salad Can Help You Lose Weight. I recently was cooking for a table of guests with dietary restrictions ranging from Paleo to gluten-free and all the way to vegan.


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