Paleo Sweet and Sour Turkey Patties

Paleo Sweet and Sour Turkey Patties

Savory turkey patties are baked in a tangy sweet and sour sauce made with maple syrup and mustard. Such is the case with these Hawaiian burgers, with the sweet-sour taste of pineapple used as a glaze so you get the flavor in each bite of burger.

Burger On Paleo Bread. Paleo Bacon Turkey Burger On Paleo BreadFull Recipe Link: Paleo Store. Sweet Sour Turkey Patties. Patties: 1 lb. ground turkey1 slice bread, moistened in water, water squeezed out, crumbled1 egg1/4 c. Guest Post: Turkey Meatballs with Sweet-n-Sour Sauce.

Yes it is another sweet and sour meatball recipe, but hear me out. I wanted to make a simple and quick meatball recipe. Serve meatballs with the sauce poured over top. 3. 1. Paleo Turkey Burgers. Recipe by Kristy Pickurel. These turkey burgers are delish! Full of great flavors and the egg keeps them incredibly moist.


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