Paleo Sunflower Chicken Salad

Paleo Sunflower Chicken Salad

This chicken salad is refreshing and seriously great. Add seasonings and sunflower seeds, and drizzle the melted butter over everything.

This Paleo Chinese Chicken Salad Recipe Is a Family Favorite. Choose a healthier salad with the Paleo friendly Kale Salad. Top each salad with a cooked chicken breast and sunflower seeds to serve. A light, fresh, sugar-free broccoli salad that’s sure to please! For me, it has to have some other flavors in there, like how in our Chicken Salad Salad recipe in our first book, we combined mustard with the mayo to make things taste (in my opinion) way better.

Yeah, it’s the texture I miss from grain since going Paleo, so it’s good to know I can recreate it using nuts. Orange Pecan Chicken Salad PDF (38. 4 KB).


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