Paleo Strawberry Margarita Pizza

Paleo Strawberry Margarita Pizza

We sisters love margaritas. As the legions of tequila aficionados from around the world already know without a doubt, drinking tequila is very different from drinking any other kind of alcohol. Recipes for Strawberry margarita pizza that you will be love it. Choose from hundreds of Strawberry margarita pizza recipes! Paleo Jelly . Similar recipes like Strawberry Margarita Pizza. How To Make The Strawberry Peach Margarita – Tipsy Bartender.

Non-Alcoholic, Fruit-Based Strawberry Margaritas (Vegan, Paleo). April 20, 2015 by Lauren 4 Comments. 5-Ingredient Quinoa Pizza Crust (Vegan, Primal, Gluten-Free). With Paleo drinks it is best to choose low sugar, clear spirits and wines but this strawberry Margarita is made with Tequila, Cointreau, fresh and frozen strawberries and lime juice.

Even the pickiest child will go back for seconds with this grain-free version of a classic Margherita pizza. The seasoned crust has just the right amount of crunch and crumble, and the warm cheese and basil topping will have your mouth watering as it comes piping hot out of the oven. This Grilled Paleo Pizza will fulfill all your pizza cravings!


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