Paleo Steve’s Apple Brine for Turkey

Paleo Steve's Apple Brine for Turkey

Line a cooler with a large food safe bag. Combine the apple juice, water, and salt in the bag; stir until the salt is dissolved; add the garlic. To use: Lie your turkey into the brine with the breast-side down; add more water to submerge turkey completely if needed. A savory-sweet recipe for brining and roasting a whole turkey, complete with Paleo-friendly stuffing and gravy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Prepared: brined herb-crusted turkey; apple cider gravy; sausage, apple and walnut stuffing. Paleo Jerky Brine, and decadent apples were the inspiration for my Healthy Candy Apple Wedges, these little beauties can be enjoyed anytime. Steve wrote on April 17th, 2010.

Pumpkin Bread Elana Is Organic Sunflower Oil Paleo Steve’S Paleogoods. You’re getting more of the traditional turkey flavor, because the longer turkeys are frozen, the more flavor is zapped out of them. One of my favorite methods uses an apple brine, but I also frequently use a simple dry rub. Steve Nov 17 at 1: 53 pm First I brine the turkey in a simple solution that contains water, kosher salt, worchetershire sauce, brown sugar and garlic. If I were cooking it myself I would do paleo stuffing with lots of butter, herbs and spices!


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