Paleo Steakhouse Black Bread

Paleo Steak and Ale Type Bread

Grain & Gluten-Free Flat Bread, Paleo & Vegan Friendly More. Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Bread. Can you get more, possibly better tasting food at Black Angus for less, yes, but this is a better place for a date.  When one server left the table another server would attentively watch to ensure we didn’t have empty glasses, empty bread baskets or empty plates left to be collected. Paleo-Primal Hunting Grounds.

Best Beef: The Premium Black Angus Steaks are great and a good Paleo choice. So, order that burger if you want, just avoid the bread! This is a steakhouse bread recipe that I obtained many years ago from a friend. It makes a very dense and flavorful bread. If you like, brush the rolls or bread with beaten egg, then sprinkle some uncooked oatmeal on top before baking.

Make and share this Steakhouse Black Bread – Pumpernickel recipe from Food. com. (you can add food coloring to get the dark color too, but I figured Id just keep it natural and close my eyes! ) Nutritional Information (including flours, etc) : 123 Cal, 2. This copy cat recipe is based off of Outback Steakhouse Bushman Bread and converted to a gluten free version.


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