Paleo Spicy Quesadilla Sauce

Paleo Spicy Quesadilla Sauce

Muncher Cruncher: You Asked: An Example of My Paleo Meal Plan. Paleo’ish On A Dime: Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas (paleo? An expensive gourmet pizza made at home for dimes on the dollar! All the tastes of a buffalo Chicken Wing (Even Blue Cheese) , made easy with the meat from a Rotisserie Chicken, three different cheese and spiced with Tabasco Sauce!

The lemon-pepper seasoning in the stores have way too much salt, so this recipe uses fresh lemons and fresh ground pepper instead. It’s so easy to make and really delicious. This spicy, seasoned mayonnaise sauce is excellent served with Mexican dishes. This is a tasty white sauce to use on Mexican dishes. Spicy Quesadilla Sauce.

Spread this spicy homemade mayonnaise-based condiment on your quesadillas for extra flavor. Spicy Grilled Shrimp Quesadillas with Smoky Avocado Cream Sauce. Quesadillas are a natural for quick, delicious, summer finger foods and, since summer is the peak of California avocado, you might as well hum the wedding march in your head because this is a match made in heaven. The Quesadilla Explosion Salad is a new item on the Chili’s Bar and Grill menu. This is a really tasty and exciting entree. I couldn’t find ancho chilis in my grocery store so I substituted chipotle in adobo sauce which is very similiar. To make the spicy ranch dresssing use:


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