Paleo Special Cereal Bread

Paleo Special Cereal Bread

Paleo is a buzz word in nutrition. I havn’t eaten bread, cereal, pasta rice of flour now since January, I no longer feel bloated or get that Sugar high. Paleo Cereal! Let’s be clear: the cereal aisle at the store is not your friend. These pancakes are created with a few special ingredients you won’t find in most pancake recipes. This breakfast sandwich does away with the bread and uses a portobello mushroom instead. Here are 101 paleo breakfast ideas designed to make your mouth water & fill you up. If you like cinnamon raisin bread, but you don’t like gluten and refined sugars, you should make this. This breakfast is an indulgence that we don’t enjoy too often, but it is great for a special occasion. This unique chocolate cereal recipe would also work well as a chocolate graham cracker.

Yes, you can have Paleo Cereal on the Paleo Diet. When I was a kid, if we ran out of cereal, my parents would take white bread, break it up, throw it in a bowl with milk and sprinkle some. What is it about that morning, afternoon or bedtime bowl of cereal that is just so special? If you feel like toast may be a good cereal substitute, you could try to avoid the grains entirely and enjoy a good slice of Paleo friendly grain free bread. In fact, cereal grains figured prominently in the commencement of the New Stone Age; grains were right there on the forefront of the agricultural revolution. The Paleo diet is amazing and giving up grains was one of the best decisions I have made for my life and health.

Ezekiel Bread, V8, Edamame, and Other Foods Scrutinized. Unfortunately for me, grains are a slippery slope and one slice of Ezekiel turned into one tortilla for a wrap then to one slice of regular wheat bread then to cereal in the a. m. You see where I’m going. Add four cups of Special K cereal and stir to combine. You may have heard about the Paleo diet, but how much do we really know about this? Here’s a breakdown for your consideration.


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