Paleo Southwest Skillet Bread

Paleo Southwest Skillet Bread

In parts of the southern and southwestern United States, cornbread, accompanied by pinto beans, has been a common lunch for many people. Skillet-fried or skillet-baked cornbread (often simplified to cornbread or skillet bread) is a traditional staple in the rural United States, especially in the South. Meat in loaf form just makes more sense. Paleo Southwest Meatloaf. I put it in one bread pan ( 9 x 5) so it took about 47 minutes to cook.

It’s corn season. And I’m thinking about cornbread. But what is a Paleo girl to do? Make a skillet bread from coconut flour for a Primal Paleo version of cornbread. This is a list of 101 delicious recipes for the paleo diet, with photos and instructions. All the recipes are made with natural ingredients. One Skillet Paleo Dinner. South West Chicken Soup.

Grain free, gluten free, dairy free Paleo Banana Bread. I used a glass loaf pan because my luck in the past with the non stick has been awful! I am truly in love with Southwest flavors lately and this whole skillet thing is just up my alley!  Throw it all together in one pan and dinner is done!


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