Paleo Snowball Cake I

Paleo Snowball Cake I

I had resigned myself to a cookie-less holiday until my mother, ever hopeful, insisted that we find something sweet and celebratory to fill my corner of the cookie platter. I’m SO EXCITED that you posted a Paleo-friendly sweets recipe!

I love dessert balls because they are pretty hard to mess up, they’re small enough that you can indulge without feeling guilty, they’re perfectly shareable, and they take literally less than 10 minutes to make — so raw coconut snowballs just make total sense, you see. Discover all the tastiest snowball snack cake recipes, hand-picked by home chefs and other food lovers like you. Quick and easy Mexican Wedding Cookies recipe with almond flour -gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free- make the perfect Paleo Christmas cookie! According to Wikipedia, Mexican wedding cookies have quite a few other names and are also commonly referred to as Russian Tea Cakes and Snowball Cookies:

The result is a sweet and buttery cookie that is quick to prepare, without the need for an oven. For a crispier cookie, place the dough on plastic wrap and roll into a log. I didn’t think much of lemon layer cake BEFORE I went Primal! Does this happen to anyone else?


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