Paleo Slow Cooker Beef Tips and Rice

Paleo Slow Cooker Beef Tips and Rice

This recipe for Slow Cooker Beef Tips is a tasty classic that is good for you, too! Nothing says comfort food like our quick and easy Paleo Crockpot Beef Stew recipe. It’s rich, hearty and perfect for cold winter nights and easy to prepare.

See here for 25 absolutely delicious slow cooker paleo recipes. Take a half a pound of beef tips and 6 ounces of sliced mushrooms and just put them in the crockpot with salt and pepper to taste. Paleo Crockpot Beef and Mushroom Stew. Trying to make the change over to paleo for 2012: ) Inspiration greatly appreciated! Super yummy and super easy! I like the extra sauce so it can soak up my No Grain Cauliflower Rice. The Crock Pot Paleo Mongolian Beef served over my No Grain Cauliflower Rice Side How beautiful does this look up close.

2lbs of flank steak OR beef sirloin tip (any lean beef cut will do). What the Paleo Crock Pot Beef Fajitas looks like after slow cooking all day in the crock pot Shredded the beef fajitas right in the crock pot before serving. A close up of my Paleo No Grain Cauliflower Cilantro Lime Rice. Easy crockpot recipe for beef tips that’s a healthier version than those using canned soups or dried soup mixes. Healthy Beef Tips Over Rice is a truly healthy option for dinner for those trying to eat clean or eat more of a paleo diet. It is also a rice cooker and yogurt maker! Paleo Crock-Pot Beef Stew.


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