Paleo Slow Cooked Barbeque Pulled Pork

Paleo Slow Cooked Barbeque Pulled Pork

A super-simple crock pot recipe for barbecue pulled pork, complete with a paleo and gluten free bun to make awesome and healthy sliders. We had a 30th birthday party for Adam a few weeks ago and I made some bomb pulled pork in the crock pot. Like seriously good. It’s going to be my go to party recipe and is probably my favorite crock pot recipe. Pair this crockpot pulled pork with the accompanying Beasty BBQ Sauce and you have a crowd favorite with minimal work.

Pulled Pork with No Sugar Added BBQ Sauce This recipe is worth bookmarking for the barbecue sauce instructions alone. Cooking pulled pork in the slow cooker isn’t just a matter of tossing it in by itself, you’ll want to make sure that you’re adding in the right accompanying ingredients so that it comes out tasting incredible. Can you tell me how much bbq sauce to add if I was looking for BBQ pulled pork and if I should put it all over the meat or when to add it in? Help! Recipe for Paleo Slow Cooked Pulled Pork and Sweet and Smokey BBQ Sauce.

An easy to prepare spicy pulled pork recipe made from a slow cooked pork shoulder, a flavorful spice blend and an homemade barbecue sauce. We make this recipe paleo with a delicious and light barbecue sauce that brings tangy sweet flavors to the pulled pork, without any added sugars. Place pork in crock pot and cover with chicken broth.


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