Paleo Simple Parsnip Pancakes

Paleo Simple Parsnip Pancakes

Be sure to let the world know that your recipes can be found here at fastPaleo! Click below to get the badges. Instead of rice or potatoes with her meal, Mom chose these delicate pancakes that are crispy on the outside and tender inside. The parsnips have a pleasant sweetness, while the chives add a hint of onion flavor.

Now I tend toward savory when eating out because it is easy to order paleo-friendly savory dishes. At home I like to whip up pancakes on the weekends and tend to ignore savory breakfast dishes. Pins on Pinterest. Celery Root-Parsnip Latkes – Recipes – The New York Times. I hope you like my recipe for paleo coconut flour pancakes. SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK. Finally it’s back to the kitchen for a deliciously simple parsnip recipe that will be the hit of your Thanksgivin. Here is a quick video on how I made my simple paleo pancakes!

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