Paleo Shredded Apple Spelt Cake

Paleo Shredded Apple Spelt Cake

I would help her bake the most amazing apple cakes that were jam packed with seasonal golden delicious apples and scented with a hint of vanilla. I made the apple cake recipe (the spelt version) and i cooked it at 150calcius, after checking it after an hour with a stick-thingie it looked pretty raw inside, so i cooked it for another at least 30mins, i doubled up on all the ingredients and was cooking 2 cakes at the same time, they were both pretty raw after i took them out, i even left them in the oven after i switched the heat off so that they would still continue to cook on, any ideas? the tops were starting to burn, so i could cook them further! what went wrong? Just wondering if this cake would work with grated apple? Here’s my new and improved Naked Chocolate Cake recipe that I know you’ll just adore! Jenny 1/4 cup of coconut flour 1 cup wholemeal spelt flour. Next time i’ll try adding shredded coconut and chopped nuts.

She had been experimenting with an apple cake version and wanted to share it with me. I pulled it out of the microwave and it was perfect! Other recipes that are often good bets too are those that use cake flour, use at least a couple of eggs, have dried fruit, have fruit or vegetable purees, have liquid sweeteners (like honey) , or that have fairly large amounts of fat in them. I have personally fully substituted spelt flour for chickpea flour in a carrot bread recipe, with no changes made whatsoever, and it came out perfectly.

Well, if you look closely, you’ll see that this cake, oh, sorry, PIE, was pretty much what I call a disaster. Paleo Pie Crust. Coconut Flour and Shredded Apple Pancakes, from This Chick Cooks. 78. I use Spelt all of the time and I know this from experience. Also, my Mother spoke with a Nutrionist and was told the body treats and digests Spelt like a vegetable. The apple and cinnamon just transport these to another level for me and the honey adds just the right sweetness. 1 apple, grated 1/4 cup nut milk 1/4 cup coconut oil handful raisins 1 tablespoon honey. Easy 3-Minute Coconut Flour & Chocolate Mug Cake – GF & Paleo.


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