Paleo Salmon with Mustard-Cream Sauce

Paleo Salmon with Mustard-Cream Sauce

Mustard and Dill Crusted Salmon This is another salmon recipe that is encrusting the salmon with tons of flavor to give it a boost on the taste buds. Usually a cream sauce gets labeled as unhealthy, but on Paleo we know better, and as long as you’re using wholesome ingredients, you can have dishes like this and still be on the healthy side. Salmon with Coconut Cream Sauce. Paleo Taco Soup. I am so glad to find a salmon recipe that doesn’t use mustard, and this was delicious. Look closely and you may notice that the cream sauce was still bubbling. I had to tell you about this baked salmon. Vicky of Things I Made Today serves this with mustard spinach. Note to others who may be eating a paleo diet like we do: this recipe is paleo-friendly.

Remove to a bowl, add mustard, salt and pepper to taste. Last night, I made a great salmon patty with a cream sauce worth sharing. Jackie Ritz, founder of The Paleo Mama, is a firm believer in natural living, essential oils, and eating a Paleo/Primal diet.

Maple Mustard Glazed Salmon – 4 ingredients turn this salmon into a super star. A. This brown sugar salmon is caramelized to a crispy exterior and served with a rosemary mustard sauce. Remove salmon from the oven, plate and drizzle the mustard sauce over top. I live and eat Paleo, and have a serious investment into my body’s fitness. I served our gravlax with gluten free rice crackers and cream cheese. Also with a side of Dijon mustard dip. The dip has a touch of sweetness that balances the fish perfectly.


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