Paleo Salmon Rissoles

Paleo Salmon Rissoles

If you love salmon but have grown tired of the same old presentation, give these salmon cakes a try and you’ll find that they’re easy to make and even easier to eat. My Paleo Salmon Cakes do indeed use canned, wild salmon but have fresh herbs, spices, some sweet potato, eggs and a bit of almond flour to hold them together.

These salmon cakes are a delicious, easy way to do that. I’m always looking for budget-friendly ways to get seafood into my family. If I have the money in our budget I will buy fresh salmon, cause we all know that is the best.

A Paleo Salmon Cakes recipe that is stupid simple and 100 picky eater approved! Paleo Salmon Cakes-1. Paleo Salmon Cakes-2. This week I decided to create a similar dish to the one she made, but using salmon.


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