Paleo Roasted Turkey Criolla Marinade

Paleo Roasted Turkey Criolla Marinade

Mojo Criollo is a traditional Cuban sauce made with sour orange juice and garlic. I’ve been introduced to many wonderful dishes and traditions since living here and have recreated many recipes to be paleo-friendly: Vaca Frita, Picadillo, and Ropa Vieja to name a few! This recipe is for a traditional citrus marinade and dressing called mojo criollo, and it is quite versatile! Here is my recipe for a coleslaw made using mojo criollo as the dressing: zesty red cabbage coleslaw. You can use your fresh mojo criollo as a marinade for beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or fish OR as a condiment to serve with your favorite meat dish (I like to put it on top of Vaca Frita) , as a dipping sauce for tostones or yuca fries, as a dressing in you favorite slaw, or with your favorite roasted or sauteed vegetables. One of the traditional uses for Mojo Criollo is for roasted pork, known as lechon asado. 28 paleo/primal recipes for marinades, split into Citrus, Non-Citrus, and Tomato based. Turkey legs rubbed with olive oil and herbs and roasted to perfection. Please note that all recipes and images are the intellectual property of Paleo Cupboard and they may not be copied or distributed without consent.

When I first started reading about the benefits of living a Paleo lifestyle, I thought I could never do it. Roasted Turkey with a Cuban Garlic Mojo Marinade. Make with ground beef or turkey. Criollo Sour, Sour Orange, Criollo Marinades, Style Mojo, Marinades Amp, Orange Amp, Mojo Criollo, Garlic Marinades, Cuban Style. SCD Roasted Turkey Breast (Use SCD legal spices. Cuban Mojo Criollo Marinade and Dressing The Curious Coconut.

Paleochef – Peach Bbq Marinade – Grilled Chicken With Broccoli. Nick Massie (aka Paleo Nick) shows us how to make a delicious Paleo-friendly meal using Steve’s PaleoGoods NEW PaleoChef Peach BBQ marinade on grilled chicken with broccoli. Cuban Style Mojo Criollo Sour Orange & Garlic Marinade & Dressing: : : TheCuriousCoconut. You can either finish it in the oven as a frittat or fold it over in the pan and serve it as an omelet. Paleo Italian Marinated Mushrooms. A proper Cuban lechon asado starts with a traditional Mojo Criollo marinade for the pork roast. Paleo Turkey Meatballs in Tomato Sauce.


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