Paleo Roasted Mushroom Salad

Paleo Roasted Mushroom Salad

A hearty and delicious mushroom salad that’s also really filling. Here portabello mushrooms are featured along with roasted hazelnuts and a simple vinaigrette. Sauteed mushrooms are one of my favorite sides to a nice steak or some grilled chicken. This recipe is so simple but is full of flavor and nobody will know you only spent a few minutes throwing this lovely side dish together.

Most marinated mushrooms come off as a bit slimy to me; like they never really absorb any of the marinade they sit in. Do you know what I mean? So, I popped those suckers in the oven to help alleviate the slimy situation. Seared Fish, Garlic Roasted Leeks & Potatoes with Celery & Olive Salad. Kathleen Simplified Paleo.

Get the Top 100 Paleo Diet Recipes Click Here! Drizzle the well mixed dressing over each plateful of salad, and serve. Don’t expect conventional nutrients from mushrooms, but they have hidden anti-cancer activity and may stimulate immune function, research finds. Add red pepper’s vitamin C, olive oil’s good fat, and the antioxidants in basil and garlic for a very healthful salad.


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