Paleo Rhubarb Compote Cake

Paleo Rhubarb Compote Cake

A nutritious gluten-free, grain-free snack or. This moist coffeecake has a rich buttery flavor with swirls of rhubarb and ginger, plus a crispy streusel topping. Rhubarb Sauce:

My mom used to make rhubarb compote and cakes, and this reminds me of her just in time for Mother’s Day.

This paleo strawberry rhubarb crisp was a total hit with my husband who had no idea it was anything different than the original. This is kind of a drier, almost more moist cake-like fruit crumble, not like your super saucy apple crisps or berry cobbler type things that just completely overtake the whole plate with fruit juice. Paleo Coconut Almond Lava Cake Recipe. The ooey, gooey, melty chocolate taste of a traditional lava cake, but made way healthier and Paleo friendly! You are going to love this SUPER EASY dessert! Want the full recipe? Head over to Food Faith Fitness to snag it. Paleo Coconut Cake Recipe: Make It Paleo Cook Book. Cinnamon Rhubarb Coffee Cake With Creamy Vanilla Coconut Sauce. Learn how to pick your own rhubarb and cook it into a tasty sauce to complement a meal, or to eat on cereal, yogurt, or cottage cheese.


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