Paleo Red Wine Cake

Paleo Red Wine Cake

It was a show-stopper sort of cake with the caramel droozled all over it, and sang with the red wine/salty caramel/dark chocolate combo. One of my favorite gluten free desserts – Flourless Chocolate Red Wine Torte! So this year I decided to celebrate in my own simple healthy way: with some red wine and paleo king cake topped with natural food coloring coconut sprinkles.

Red Wine Chocolate Cupcakes – red wine, chocolate, and cupcakes – all in one! Red Wine chocolate cake is a deliciously moist, rich and dark cake and with the addition of the berries, it really is a taste sensation!

Paleo chocolate cake is absolutely tasty, easy to cook and meets your dietary needs if desserts need to be gluten free and paleo. Most importantly, we found that we loved it with a glass of red wine as well! Mark Hix’s flourless orange cake, a treat for afternoon tea or dessert. My Favourite Dish: Mark Hix on red gurnard with sea spinach, steamed cockles and brown shrimps. Browse our great wine offers to go with any recipe. The combination of red wine with cherries gives these a unique flavor without losing their brownie essence, so you can turn to these whenever you want a delicious treat without breaking from your Paleo way of eating. Traditional Black Forest Cake would definitely be a Paleo no-go due to all of the whipped cream, ordinary chocolate cake, and brine soaked maraschino cherries.


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