Paleo Quick Turkey and Rice

Paleo Quick Turkey and Rice

Get excited about eating your leftover turkey with these 5 ideas to save you from the same old turkey soup and turkey salad. Apple turkey curry on cauliflower rice (Fast Paleo). Here’s a Paleo chili that uses chicken, one of the most popular meats for Paleo followers. Even though there’s a bowl of rice pictured, it’s stated in the recipe that it was cooked especially for a friend that was carb-loading for a race. I know the name of the recipe sucks. I know, ok. But I promise it’s way more exciting to the taste buds than you think. And SUPER filling.

This Leftover Turkey and Rice Soup is perfect for using up Thanksgiving leftovers! One-pot meal, easy, and healthy! Throw in some leafy greens, and reap the benefits of this healthy Paleo turkey leftover recipe. Use leftover roast turkey and make some amends for the excesses of Christmas with this quick, easy and healthy rice dish.

A very tasty paleo-ized fried rice that is a meal on its own or can be used as a side. PALEO Turkey Stuffed Peppers Paleo recipe.


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