Paleo Quick Sardine Curry

Paleo Quick Sardine Curry

My local Whole Foods had fresh Portuguese sardines in today but I have no idea how one would prepare them. Clean them, then fry them on a thick bed of duck fat, minced onion, elephant garlic, white pepper, and sea salt. Sardines are packed with nutrients of every kind, and the canned fish are actually even better than the fresh, because with canned sardines, you’re eating the whole animal. That’s the truly “Paleo” way to do it – nobody in preindustrial cultures was throwing out the bones, skin, and organs of the animals they killed. Chopped Salad with Shrimp and Curry Dressing. Canned sardines are really cheap and this dish is packed with spicy flavours. If you need Jamaican curry powder, note this is not the same as Indian. Please see our other videos on how to make also have many more recipes from Jamaica including jerk, beef, jerk chicken, belly pork, rice and peas, fish tea, curry chicken, fried dumplings, bammy, escoveitch fish, fried fish, steam fish, patties, sweet potato, yam, rum punch and lots of other food from around the world on all our other sites from Ethiopian recipes to.

Quick paleo lunch canned sardines salad recipe. Quick and Easy Sardine Fish Curry recipe with canned sardines. Caramel Onions, Paleo Ish, Empowering Sustenance Caramel, Real Food, Pate Paleo, Gap. Sardines ( also known as pilchards ) are said to be one of the world’s healthiest foods since they are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, phosphorus as well as a host of other key vitamins and minerals.

Playing a hunch, a quick visit to Google revealed that, yes, several fellow maniacs had indeed paired sardines and bitter melon in, of all things, a curry. Keep a few lime wedges and whole basil/cilantro leaves in the fridge, and squeeze/chop/shred them just before serving. throw a hardboiled egg or a tin of sardines on top for some added protein! One more quick note: Thai dishes can be intimidating because of their long and obscure ingredient lists, but the pre-made curry paste makes this one totally easy — and I feel zero guilt about using a short cut.


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