Paleo Quick Fix Pizza

Paleo Quick Fix Pizza

I needed my pizza fix so I braved the stormy weather and walked to the nearby grocery store. I loved how fast this pizza crust can be made. When you think pizza, you probably don’t think paleo pizza. A recipe for paleo pizza, including paleo friendly cheese and crust. It is important to note that the cheese for this recipe melts quickly. I Heart Stich Fix!

I keep them very simple and just add pizza sauce, cheese (raw when I can find it here in Ireland) and a sprinkle of oregano. Great way to have your pizza fix and not get the processed carb bloat! This uses ghee in the hollandaise sauce, and keeps everything as simple as possible. Complicating a recipe usually takes it further away from being Paleo. Pizza for breakfast can finally happen for you on Paleo. When you need your chocolate fix in the morning, stick with these muffins. These tiny pepperoni crust pizzas are like Paleo Bagel Bites. Make these Paleo Pizza Bites to still get the satisfaction of a good pizza-taste fix, without any artificial flavors or ingredients.

I’m a pizza addict and have done Paleo and whole life. Trust me there is no Paleo substitute. These mini egg pizzas, or egg pizza cups, or pizza muffins or mini pizza frittatas or whatever you wanna call these grain-free and dairy-free egg muffins with pizza flavorings are really good. (or pizza sauce) and pepperoni added to an omelet to get my fix. Pingback: TPV Podcast, Episode 54: Paleo Meals; What’s easy, quick and cheap?


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