Paleo Quick Chinese Chicken Salad

Paleo Quick Chinese Chicken Salad

I’m really excited about this Paleo Chinese Chicken Salad recipe. Here are some other fast & healthy meal ideas and more here and here! Just a quick question, do you have any idea on the nutritional info for this or your other recipes? I asked her to send me her recipes so I could paleo-fy them (minus the sugar). Tonight, we had this delicious Chinese chicken salad now we have a new staple.

I’ve been hankering for an Asian chicken salad with a nutty dressing for a while especially since I got my hands on some Red Boat fish sauce. Healthy Paleo Chinese Chicken Salad via Linda Wagner. I’m getting back into the groove this week with fast healthy meals that take Bloglovin’.

No sugar delicious Chinese chicken salad, with a satisfying crunch (no ramen noodles here! ). 17 Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes with Plenty of Protein and No Mayo. Chinese Chicken Salad They admit to using leftover rotisserie chicken on this recipe, which makes it a great go-to when you just have these ingredients on hand and don’t know what else to do with them. It’s nice to generate a collection of single-serving recipes because sometimes it’s just you and you only need to make enough to get through a meal or make a quick snack.


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