Paleo Quick Banana Nut Bread

Paleo Quick Banana Nut Bread

Did you know that there are several version of Paleo-friendly banana bread you can make? No, really, there are! Many believe that by cutting out grains and wheat from your diet you’ll be giving up a staple of the American diet: bread. Basic banana bread gets an extra crunch from the addition of chopped walnuts in this easy recipe. Besides being a good way to use up leftover bananas, banana bread is a delicious treat to have on hand for breakfast with a cup of coffee, or for an afternoon snack.

I love the familiar, comforting taste of banana bread, and with this recipe, it is transformed into perfectly moist and delicious muffins. With one batch you have breakfast for the week, all. I have made MANY different paleo banana bread recipes and my husband has never been terribly excited about any of them (he doesn’t eat paleo). I am SO HAPPY this morning eating my banana nut muffin!

This paleo-friendly, gluten-free banana bread is dense and moist. After reading the reviews, I decided to try this recipe as muffins instead of a loaf and they turned out wonderfully! Here are the revisions I made: ~ Added 1/2 tsp of ground nutmeg ~ Increased the cinnamon to 1 1/2 tbsp ~ Used vanilla soy milk instead of water ~ Used vanilla extract instead of almond (didn’t have any almond extract on hand) ~ Used a combo of agave and real maple syrup (1/8c each) ~ Added 3/4 cup of extra dark 65% cacao chocolate chips The muffins were super moist but firm and I WILL be making these again! Oh, and I used a muffin pan with light spray of oil instead of paper cups because paper cups tend to stick way too much. I made a gluten free banana bread a couple of years back and decided to give the recipe a bit of a facelift. It’s puh-retty filling since it’s basically made out of nuts and bananas.


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