Paleo Pork Supreme

Paleo Pork Supreme

Tonight was the first time I ever served pork belly, let alone sous vide pork belly. Thanks to my SousVide Supreme, it wasn’t a disaster and I didn’t have to order takeout as a back up. 2 (2-to 2. 5-pound) boneless pork picnic shoulder roasts, trimmed and tied or 1 4-pound picnic roast Kosher salt Pepper 2 teaspoons Banyuls vinegar Red Boat fish sauce Here’s how I made it: I melted the ghee in a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat.

A delicious pork roast with a cajun-style spice rub and a delicious Dijon mustard glaze. The centrepiece of a perfect hearty meal. Gluten-free ingredients; Dairy-free ingredients; No added sugar; No preservatives; Pasture-raised pork; Certified Paleo. Add to cart.

Supreme Blends is excited about our new Paleo Catering offering to our client in the Long Island area. Sous vide pork tenderloin award-winning paleo recipes, Sous vide pork tenderloin. the sousvide supreme has forever changed the way i cook in the kitchen.


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