Paleo Pork Chop Soup

Paleo Pork Chop Soup

We’ve found several delicious styles of pork chops, all Paleo, and served up with different sides that complement the flavor. This is a pork chop that thinks it’s a bowl of French onion soup. Slow braised country style pork ribs simmered into a pork stew with sweet potatoes & chiles. Top with fresh lime juice. Paleo Pork Stew. Pork Chops & Apple Compote. Looking to change up your winter soup meals to keep things fresh? This gluten free Paleo Stewed Pork Chop with Chicken Soup recipe is just the thing!

A satisfying stew. Place the chopped veggies and cubed pork into your slow cooker. Cover with the spices and pour in the coconut milk and chicken broth. Here’s a quick and satisfying stew that I throw together when I’m uber lazy and tired.

Apple and Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops The Paleo Parents kaluapig 23. A simple, Italian inspired, pork stew with lots of flavor!


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