Paleo Pork BBQ

Paleo Pork BBQ

A super-simple crock pot recipe for barbecue pulled pork, complete with a paleo and gluten free bun to make awesome and healthy sliders. Pulled pork is delicious, and there’s nothing wrong with just eating it straight off the plate (or straight out of the oven! ). And of course, you don’t actually have to make the pulled pork from scratch: if you have some left over from another recipe, you can just bake the potatoes and bring on the BBQ sauce. BBQ Pulled Pork Sonia is using a pastured pork butt for this pulled pork recipe, and that’s something you should consider with all of your Paleo meats.

Pair this crockpot pulled pork with the accompanying Beasty BBQ Sauce and you have a crowd favorite with minimal work. I’m from North Carolina – the old North State. It is a beautiful wonderful place. Home of the best BBQ on the planet. I migrated north 100 miles to.

Find ideas for pulled pork Paleo Pork Recipes Paleo pulled pork Paleo Pulled Pork/Pork Loin Recipes Pulled pork Paleo Pull Pork with barbecue sauce. I was unpacking a giant pork roast that I intended to make into pulled pork. Could I add some paleo bbq sauce at the start of cooking or would that not work? Thanks! Mariah. Pork marinated in spices and roasted in the oven until juicy.


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