Paleo Pork and Shrimp Pancit

Paleo Pork and Shrimp Pancit

A paleo friendly recipe for pancit. 1 lb. pork shoulder, sliced into thin strips- 2 carrots,  julienned- 1 cup shredded bok choy – 5 green onions, chopped- 2 packages of kelp noodles, rinsed and drained- 4 Tbsp. Get the best easy recipes for Paleo Pancit with Beef from Calorie Count. Paleo Pancit, but with beef and mushrooms instead of chicken, pork and shrimp.

I envisioned making a Paleo Pancit for the longest time, but didn’t know what to use for grain free noodles. You know where they grill the meat in front of you, make a cute onion volcano, and toss shrimp at your face? Paleo Pancit – this was the most delicious dinner (thanks tania! ) I just did chicken (no pork or shrimp) , regular veg oil (didn’t have coconut oil) and regular soy sauce, and no fish sauce and it was so, so, so good. Some great Whole30 Pork recipes! Paleo Pancit (uses chicken, pork, shrimp) More.

Pancit luglug topped with hardboiled eggs, shrimp, and chorizo. Miki cooked in tradition added with sarsa a thickened chicken and pork broth, darkened a little with soy sauce of choice).


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