Paleo Pomegranate Dessert

Paleo Pomegranate Dessert

Made with one of my favorite fall fruits, the sweet tart pomegranate. Rainbow hash with ginger pomegranate glaze and a fried egg. But as the holiday season fast approaches, opt for these creamy Paleo treats that rely on coconut’s natural sweetness and healthy fat content. The addition of pomegranate seeds, a powerful antioxidant, and pecans lend extra texture for a little juicy pop and crunch.

Thanksgiving Treat: Pomegranate Coconut Chocolate Bark. By juli, November 22, 2013, In Fruit, Recipe Box, Treats. I made this for thanksgiving desserts and they were a big hit. Thanks. And this easy-to-make Pomegranate Sherbet recipe of mine fits the bill for either those who are under the weather or those who are feeling great, but need a treat. Filed Under: dairy free, gluten free, Gluten-Free Candies, paleo, primal, vegetarian Tagged With: Alexa Croft, all gluten-free dessert recipes, arils, best gluten-free dessert recipes, candy, chocolate, Christmas, dairy free, dessert, easy, free gluten-free dessert recipes, gluten free, holiday, holiday treats, Lexie’s Kitchen, paleo, pomegranate, primal, treats, two-ingredient. Gluten Free & Paleo Orange Pomegranate Muffins.

Better with Cake & other tasty treats from my kitchen. This is my Christmas version with a fresh pomegranate layer and a mint garnish! Don’t skimp on the mint garnish here, it not only adds the perfect hint of green, but it also adds a pleasant layer of complexity to the dessert. I made the pomegranate layer with fresh pomegranates, based on a sauce I spotted in the new cookbook, Mediterranean Paleo.


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